Do You Have Diabetes?

So you have Diabetes?

Well do you really know everything about it? or just how to manage it day to day?

Keep reading for a quick run down in a bit of detail 🙂

Diabetes Type 1 – You produce no insulin at all.
Diabetes Type 2 – You don’t produce enough insulin, or your insulin is not working properly.

All types of diabetes are manageable, but Type 1 and Type 2 will last a lifetime; no cure is currently available, but they are trying.

Insulin became available in the 1920’s and is generally administer via an injection or an insulin pump.

Diabetes generally involves dietary awareness and exercise to help with control.
Patients with Type 2 are usually treated with tablets, exercise and a special diet, but sometimes insulin injections are also required.


If diabetes isn’t well controlled there is a significantly higher risk of developing long term complications, such as ketoacidosis, hypoglycemia, and coma. Even longer term issues can include retinal damage, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, poor healing of wounds, gangrene on the feet which may lead to amputation, and erectile dysfunction.

So it doesn’t look pretty does it? Well the good news is that if you can take control of your diabetes instead of it controlling you then you have an impressive chance that you wont develop any complications and you can one day look forward to a nice cure being discovered.

Stupid Comments

Over the 19 years I have had Type 1 Diabetes I have heard so many Stupid Comments about the condition…

It still amazes me how some people just don’t understand a single thing about diabetes then act like they have a post-grad degree majoring in the causes and effects that diabetes can have on a person.

The top 5 Stupid comments

  1. Oh, so you have the bad kind of Diabetes?
  2. Stop! are you allowed to eat that? it has a tiny speck of sugar in it
  3. You cant have Diabetes… You are healthy and skinny!
  4. Did you eat too much sugar? Or is it the one where you don’t eat enough?
  5. And my favourite – You have had it for so long now, you should grow out of it really soon!

So it is not just me that thinks we need to find a cure for Stupid as well Diabetes! At least some people can provide some good humor with their stupidity

Oh and by the way, Diabetes is NOT contagious!