Insulin Pump Skins Add Color and Fun

Wearing an insulin pump shouldn’t take the fun out of being a kid or being an adult. Insulin Pump Skins are designed to give kids and adults the freedom, comfort, flexibility and fun they thrive on.

The search for the right Insulin Pump Skins can be daunting, as can the challenges of living with diabetes. For kids and adults who are new to insulin pump therapy, learning how to live with a pump takes some time and some tinkering. Make the transition to the pump a little easier with Insulin Pump Skins, pump pouches and backpacks, and add fun to diabetes supplies with Insulin Pump Skins and site stickers.

insulin pump skins

Where should you put an Insulin Pump? That’s the question faced by new users of the pump. While some pants have pockets and some people feel comfortable using a plastic pump clip, a pump pouch is another fashionable alternative which can be matched up with a stylish Insulin Pump Skins. Generally, pump pouches are made out of fabric, although there are neoprene versions for heavy duty outdoor activities. Companies like Angel Bear Pump Wear will customize pump pouches in different fabrics, colors, and pouch styles. Some pouches come with a second pouch for testing supplies as well. The pouches clip around the waist and come in kid fashions like crayon, denim, and swirly tie dye fabric and subtle and fancy dress adult varieties. Many look just like a cell phone or Ipod case.

Insulin Pump Skins come in many colors and patterns, just choose the one that meets your needs for today and then change your Insulin Pump Skins again tomorrow.