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Insulin Pump News and Education Tips

Both new diabetics and those who have been diagnosed for many years are looking into options for Insulin Pump therapy. Most have come up with the same questions: Is Insulin Pump therapy right for me and how does it all work?

An Insulin Pump is a small device which is battery operated. A flexible tube delivers insulin in minute amounts from the pump to the body in short intervals ranging from 3 to 5 minutes.
insulin pump

Insulin Pump Therapy has many advantages. The biggest being the amount of flexibility pumpers gain in different aspects of their lives

Say good-bye to rigid eating patterns, when using an Insulin Pump you can eat when you want and even sleep in and have a late breakfast with virtually no side effects.

Many diabetics have concerns of blood sugars becoming too low, an Insulin Pump allows dosages to be altered quickly based on activity or sickness etc.

Similar to the concerns of low blood sugar, insulin pumps can reduce hyperglycaemic occurrences as the dose can be quickly adjusted when blood sugar levels begin to climb.

Since an Insulin Pump is attached at all times there is a smaller need to carry extra bits and pieces traditionally needed to control diabetes. A glucose meter is still necessary to monitor blood sugars but you can forget about bottles of insulin and needles

An Insulin Pump dramatically reduces the number of injections needed in day to day life. The delivery tube needs to be changed every three to four days on average which is a massive reduction in the four to six injection a day that many diabetics currently have to cope with for tight control

Scientific studies have shown that tight control decreases the number and types of complications that a diabetic will have to deal with. An Insulin Pump enables the user to increase their control, sometimes dramatically, compared to the control seen with multiple daily injections.

Insulin Pump Therapy is becoming more popular as more people discover the advantages of it. The advantages listed above are just some of the things that “pumpers” are discovering as they become familiar with their pumps. A discussion with your doctor can help you decide if Insulin Pump therapy is right for you.