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Insulin Pump Basal Rate

As managing diabetes can be hard work it is a real benefit to be able to fine tune your Insulin Pump Basal Rate to accurately mimic a normal pancreas, but an insulin pump is only a tool used to assist in the control of type 1 diabetes therefore insulin pump therapy requires attention to detail and frequent monitoring. The benefits of good management will certainly pay off short term as well as long term.

insulin pump basal rate

When you have your Insulin Pump Basal Rate set correctly, your blood glucose level should remain stable as long as you aren’t consuming any carbohydrates, to determine if your Insulin Pump Basal Rate is right you may need to fast for a period of time.

The other rate to think about when using an insulin pump is the bolus rate. To manage this you will need to discover your insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio to enable you to meet your blood glucose aims. The insulin to carb rate may be different at different times of the day.

To enable optimal control of your type 1 diabetes ensure you have your Insulin Pump Basal Rate set accurately!